oral b pulsonic slim electric toothbrush

Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic Toothbrush Review

A common complaint about electric toothbrushes is the size of the handle; for some people they are just too uncomfortable to hold when compared with a manual brush. This Braun electric toothbrush has solved this problem head on, with the introduction of the Oral B Pulsonic Slim; the slimmest and sleekest electric toothbrush on the market. It looks great, and it certainly is slim, but can it clean as well as its fatter cousins in the Oral B family?

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Oral B Triumph 4000

Braun Oral B Triumph 4000 Review

The Oral B Triumph 4000 electric toothbrush is a massive best seller at a bargain price point. We’re big fans of the Triumph 5000, which we think is the best electric toothbrush around, so how does the Triumph 4000 stack up against its bigger brother? Check out one of our latest electric toothbrush reviews to find out.

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