Braun Oral B Professional Care 3000 Review

!!! The Pro Care 3000 is discontinued. Instead, we recommend the CrossAction 3000 which is available from for 44% off here
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If you’ve followed along with our electric toothbrush reviews, you’ll know that we’re great fans of the Oral-B Triumph series of electric toothbrush. However, many people swear by the Oral-B Professional Care range. We thought it was time we took at a look, and what better way to start that with the best selling Oral B Professional Care 3000. Can it challenge the Triumph series for quality and usability? Let’s take a look and find out.

The 3000 includes 3 modes. It also includes Oral-B’s 3D Cleaning technology which pulsates and oscillates 40,000 times per minute and rotates 8800 times per minute, for whiter teeth within 21 days. This is the same brushing technology included in Oral-B’s more expensive electric toothbrushes, and we’ve given excellent reviews to.

The brush has a built-in Professional Timer, which reminds you to brush the four quadrants of your mouth equally so that you get a consistent clean. The timer also indicates when the dentist recommended 2 minutes brushing time is up, ensuring that you brush for the right amount of time twice a day. The brush also includes a timer function is also helpful in ensuring youngsters brush for the right amount of time, and therefore getting into good brushing habits.

The toothbrush also has a built-in pressure sensor which warns you when you’re applying too much pressure, in order to protect your gums from damage. It comes with a charger, and 2 interchangeable brush heads.

!!! The Pro Care 3000 is discontinued. Instead, we recommend the CrossAction 3000 which is available from for 44% off here

Oral B Professional Care 3000 Features and Specifications

  • 3D Cleaning Technology – Pulsates, Oscillates, and Rotates
  • Pulsates 40,000 times per minute and rotates 8800 times per minute
  • Removes 2X as much plaque as a manual brush
  • 3 Brushing Modes – Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish
  • Built-in Professional Timer
  • Built-in Pressure Sensor
  • Includes 2 interchangeable brush heads

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Of all our customer research, scouring the Internet to find out what customers thought of this product, the reviews we researched were extremely positive. The reception was very warm, with over 98% of reviews that we studied being 4 or 5 star reviews.

As with all Oral-B brushes that include the 3D Cleaning technology, almost all of the reviews that we examined specifically stated that the 3000 gave an excellent clean. It was commonly pointed out that after using, the teeth felt clean and well polished; similar to the results of a trip to the dentist (but without the pain). Many reviewers felt that the power of the brush meant that the quality of the clean was much better than there previous brush.

“This is excellent in every way, a variety of heads/brushing options. Teeth and mouth feel lovely and clean/polished after use – highly recommend!”

Several reviewers mentioned that they found the pressure sensor and indicator very useful. Having moved from electric toothbrushes without this feature, or manual brushes, they found that they had been brushing too hard. When they began to use the brush, they noticed that they began to brush at the correct pressure, and bleeding that they’d previously experienced stopped completely.

A good number of reviewers who had sensitive teeth and gums, also mentioned that they liked the brush, and that the sensitive cleaning mode was very good for people with gum problems.

Mr P J Richards:
“My teeth feel cleaner than the previous brush. The pressure indicator is very useful as before I was brushing far too hard. I now have very clean teeth and no gum bleeding.”

Despite all the extremely positive reviews, a common negative point was the length of time it took to charge the battery. Whilst many reported excellent battery life (with the brush lasting over a week on a single charge), the brush apparently takes up to 14 hours to recharge. However, many reviewers mentioned that simply leaving the brush charging over the night was perfectly fine.

!!! The Pro Care 3000 is discontinued. Instead, we recommend the CrossAction 3000 which is available from for 44% off here

Overall, with the very positive response to this brush, we’re more than happy to recommend it. As always, we’ve been impressed with the cleaning capabilities of Oral-B’s 3D cleaning technology; it’s powerful enough to whiten the teeth and remove stains, but gentle enough for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

In conclusion, the Oral B Professional Care 3000 is indeed a very good electric toothbrush and gets 4 stars. If you’re the kind of person who find they often forget to charge your brush, you might want to get a brush that is quicker to charge. However, if you’re prepared to wait the necessary amount of charging time, this is a very good electric toothbrush.

The Good
  • Excellent quality clean
  • Pressure sensor and indicator light very useful to correct poor brushing habits
  • Sensitive mode gentle enough for people with sensitive teeth and gums
  • Where people had previously experienced bleeding, this stopped completely with this brush
The Bad
  • Takes up to 14 hours to charge the battery, however charging overnight solves this problem

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