Braun Oral-B Pulsonic Slim Sonic Toothbrush Review

oral b pulsonic slim electric toothbrush
!!! The Pulsonic is discontinued. Instead, we recommend the Pro 600 which is available from for 50% off here

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A common complaint about electric toothbrushes is the size of the handle; for some people they are just too uncomfortable to hold when compared with a manual brush. Braun have looked to solve this problem head on, with the introduction of the Oral B Pulsonic Slim; the slimmest and sleekest electric toothbrush on the market. It looks great, and it certainly is slim, but can it clean as well as its fatter cousins in the Oral B family? Let’s find out.

The first thing to note is that this brush uses the best cleaning technology currently available. It rotates as well as oscillates. This is important, as recent clinical studies have shown that toothbrushes that rotate as well as oscillate actually remove 10% more plaque than other brushes. A big tick in the favour of the brush.

There are two cleaning modes included; a normal cleaning mode, and a sensitive mode. The sensitive mode is particularly useful for those with sensitive, or perhaps those people who are moving to a sonic toothbrush for the first time and want to ease themselves into the experience.

The Slim also includes a manual style brush head, as oppossed to the small circular brushes found on Oral B products. This is great for those people who prefer a more traditional brush shape, and also covers more surface area meaning it’ll remove more plaque with each stroke.

Also included is a 2 minute timer. This will indicate to you when the dentist-recommended 2 minute brushing time is up; a very handy feature. You’d be surprised how easy it is to walk away before you’ve given your teeth a proper clean, and the built in timer will help you to avoid doing just that.

!!! The Pulsonic is discontinued. Instead, we recommend the Pro 600 which is available from for 50% off here

Oral B Pulsonic Slim Features and Specifications

  • Rotates and oscillates simultaneously – clinically proven to remove more plaque
  • Super slim design – easy and comfortable to hold and use
  • 2 personalised cleaning modes – clean and sensitive
  • Manual style brushing head
  • 2 minute brushing timer

Customer Reviews and Opinions

The customer satisfaction rate with this brush was staggeringly high. In fact, 98% of customers were happy with their purchase, rating the brush with 3, 4 or 5 stars.

“In under a weeks use, my teeth have become visibly whiter. I can visually see the difference from using this toothbrush for just a few days”

The Slim was generally appreciate for the basics; namely excellent cleaning and whitening. It was mentioned many times by customers that their teeth felt smooth and clean after use. Several people also mentioned that their teeth were noticeably whiter after using it, notably a coffee drinker was very happy with the whitening results. Overall, it seems that Oral B have packed in the same great cleaning that they provide with their regular large handle electric toothbrushes.

Another point that a lot of people mentioned was that despite the fact the brush is very slim and sleek, it is well made and solidly constructed. Obviously this is an important point – es you need to use your toothbrush twice every day you need to make sure it’ll stand the test of time, and thankfully the Slim is going to hold up well.

“Excellent cleaning, lovely design. Really like the slim handle. Basically a great toothbrush and a really good buy!”

There were hardly any negative points or downsides mentioned, as you’d expect with a 98% satisfaction rate! One of the minor points that was mentioned was that the brush does that quite a long time to charge. However, this is a standard problem with electric toothbrushes and it’s the same whether you purchase the Oral B Professional Care 3000 or the most expensive brush on the market. That said, it can easily be left on charge overnight.

!!! The Pulsonic is discontinued. Instead, we recommend the Pro 600 which is available from for 50% off here

Overall, the Pulsonic Slim is a very good toothbrush. It’s as powerful as any bigger electric toothbrush, yet slim and easy to hold. People were very impressed with its ability to clean and whiten, and the construction is solid and sturdy making it a reliable addition to your bathroom. At 50% off, we’d say you can’t go far wrong with this brush, 4 stars.

The Good
  • Gets the basics right – cleans and whitens well
  • Sturdy construction
  • Gentle enough for those with sensitive teeth and gums
  • Extremely high 98% customer satisfaction rate
The Bad
  • Battery takes a long time to charge, but can easily be left on charge over night

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